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Builder Resources F.A.Q.'s

What are fiberglass columns made of?

The columns are made of a fiberglass reinforced resin that is cast in a mold. The capital and base is made of a pre-primed high quality polyurethane that is moisture and insect resistant.

Do the columns need to be painted?

Yes, the columns arrive unfinished and will need to be painted with a high quality exterior or interior latex paint after a light primer coat has been applied. The capital and base will be pre-primed and ready for painting.

What is the load bearing capacity of the columns?

With the load distributed evenly on the column the load bearing capacities are as follows:

  • 8" Column - 10,000 lbs/each
  • 10" Column – 14,000 lbs/each
  • 12" Column – 18,000 lbs/each
  • 14" Column – 20,000 lbs/each
  • 16" Diameter and up – 20,000 lbs/each

How do I cut the column to the size I need?

Using an abrasive masonry type blade cut the column from the bottom.

What column will fit around a 4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 6x6 post?

  • 4x4 – 8" or greater
  • 4x6 – 12" or greater
  • 4x8 – 14" or greater
  • 6x6 – 12" or greater

Columns can be purchased pre-cut in two halves for these applications. Split columns should only be reassembled using a split kit from the manufacture. Champions Columns and Shutters offers split column installation. Split columns are not load bearing.

Is there a warranty on the columns?

Yes, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the column being free of defects in material and workmanship. Champions Columns and Shutters also offer a one year limited warranty on column installation.

Other Facts

The column shaft installs through the capital and base and does not change the overall length of the installed column.

If adding a Decorative Capital, it will change the overall length of the shaft. Scamozzi & Roman Ionic capitals will shorten the overall length of the installed column. Roman Ionic, Greek Ionic, and Roman Corinthian will lengthen the overall length of the installed column.

Decorative Capitals are installed by cutting the top of the column shaft above the neck mold and a plug (made from the same material as the column included with the Decorative Capital) is inserted and rests on the neck mold.

Lead times on columns larger than 14” in Diameter or 12’ in length must be verified from the manufacturer.